Stronger Athlete Minds

Your minds is the most important tool you have. We provide the ‘mental gym’ for you to practice improving it, when you need it most.

Why MindStrong Sport?

MindStrong Makes Mindset Simple

Our goal is to take the complex and make it simple, with short meditations, simple to understand exercises that make it clear what you’re doing and how it will help.

Specific for athletes

Access to meditations, mindset courses, exercises and much more designed to help a stronger mind in all aspects of sport.

Growing library

With 100’s of hours of content, the MindStrong Sport library is continuously growing along with our users.

Always Available

We know that athletes may need some psycholoigcal help in the moments when no one is around, the app provides a place to access that straight away.

Holistic Support

Add a psychological tool that helps athletes mindset, mental performance and health.

How we help

Performance Anxiety

Athletes that worry about their last or next performance.


For those athletes that need a little more belief in themselves.


Whether it’s longer duration of focus in training or in competition.


Build all round awareness in yourself and the experience you have.

Fear of Failure

To help get over the tough moments in sport and appraoch with strength.

Emotional Control

Learning to control responses to emotions rather than them controlling you.

Meditation for athletes.

Learn to understand your mind with hours of guided meditations designed for you in sport.

Mindset courses

A full self-paced MindStrong Mindset course designed to focus on Confidence, Resilience and Perspective.

A practical guide

All meditations are taken from an undersand of what it takes in sport at both the amateur to professional level.

Performance Psychology in mind.

Focus on the fundatmental psychological skills that are backed by research and from lived experience for enhanced performance and wellbeing.

Self Talk

Goal Setting


Imagery / Visualisation




50 athlete licence

Small steps. Get started with a smaller number of athletes to introduce 

£ 1.10  GBP

per athlete / per month*

£660 per year

*Billed annually

Most Popular


100 athlete licence

Best for coaches and organisations that want to get a few teams going.

£ 0.80  GBP

per athlete / per month*

£960 per year

*Billed annually

World Class

200 athlete licence

Best for organisations and institutions that want to offer to a wide range of athletes.

£ 0.65  GBP

per athlete / per month*

£1560 per year

*Billed annually


Over 200 athletes

For coaches and organisations that want to provide scalable support to their athletes.

Contact us

for more enquiries


2024/25 Academic Year

First 10 schools/organisations lock in the early discounted rate

plus 5 free yoga mats and blocks for your school worth £300


How do athletes join?

Once a license has been purchased, a unique code and instructions are provided for distribution to your athletes.

What happens after the year?

Licenses expire a year after the purchase date. Athletes that try to access the app with their code will be locked out until a new license code is provided.

What happens if we need more athletes to join?

Great! We can upgrade your license with a charge for the increase.

What if we don't use all the places within the licences?

While we don’t offer a specific number for our licenses, you can offer the app to whoever may be in your network.