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Performance Psychology & Mental Training for Athletes

Learn to boost your mental health and performance in sport and life using meditation, mindfulness, breathing exercises and yoga.

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Why MindStrong Sport?

While many athletes focus on the physical and technical skills to be the best.

When it matters most, having the right mindset is what can make the difference.

MindStrong Sport offers a cost-effective way to work on your mental game so that you’re in the best place to perform, as well as managing your mental health off the field.

Your 1% difference

1% of our day is 14 minutes.

With our 12 minute meditations (back by the research), plus 2 minutes of setting yourself up, you’re committing to adding that 1% that could make all the difference.


Be a Sport Yogi

If the body is tight, the mind will follow.

Yoga-based classes to help relax, strengthen, flex the body to feeling good.

Our Equipment

Made with Athletes in mind.

Use our equipment to set up your space to work on your mental game.

Meet Lewis

Meet your mindset coach. Learn more about the face and voice behind MindStrong Sport →

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