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into your greatest strength.

Create your inner gym with mental training for athletes that uses meditation performance psychology, exercises and more to improve confidence, reduce anxiety, boost motivation, sharpen focus, and more.

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Why use MindStrong Sport?

While many athletes focus on the physical and technical skills to be the best.

When it matters most, having the right mindset is what can make the difference.

MindStrong Sport offers a cost-effective way to work on your mental game so that you’re in the best place to perform, as well as managing your mental health off the field.

What’s included?

Meditation for athletes.

Learn to understand your mind with hours of guided meditations designed for you in sport.

Mindset courses

A full self-paced MindStrong Mindset course designed to focus on Confidence, Resilience and Perspective.

From professional experience

All meditations are taken from an undersand of what it takes in sport at both the amateur to professional level.

Practical insights

Self development exercises to develop the mindset for the human being as well as the athlete.

Performance Psychology in mind.

Focus on the fundatmental psychological skills that are backed by research and from lived experience for enhanced performance and wellbeing.

Self Talk

Goal Setting


Imagery / Visualisation


Who it is for


For those that want a better quality of their mind on and off the field.


For improving the thinking of both yourself and your team.

Sport Psychologist

Think of it like adding another piece of gym equipment into your ‘mental gym’ that you offer.

Our Equipment

Made with Athletes in mind.

Use our equipment to set up your space to work on your mental game.

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