About MindStrong Sport

Our Mission

Sport has the power to shape people not only for the benefit of their game but for the human being and their wider communities. Through the experiences, skills and lifestyle that it promotes, if done correctly, sport creates ambassadors for a more healthy and connected world.

MindStrong Sport is a growing community of athletes that believe in the importance of their mental game.

Our mission is to impact sports communities by teaching a strong mindset, on and off the field, through developing skills.

Meet Lewis

Lewis Hatchett is a former professional athlete, now a mindset coach, a performance psychology MSc student, and a mindfulness and yoga coach.

After having played 6 years as a professional cricket, against the odds, he retired in 2016 through injury.

Lewis found meditation & yoga to not only heal his body but protect his mind from the anxieties and worry of identity loss leaving the professional game.

Having then combined his knowledge and experience of professional sport from top to bottom. Lewis created the MindStrong Sport App to provide a tool to develop the mental game of athletes.

Who is it for?

From fun runner to full time professional, no matter the level, every athlete deals with the same mental issues. 

Anxiety, nerves, confidence, resilience, self belief, direction, goals, habits and more.

MindStrong Sport is designed to help you through whatever challenge you have.

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